So, how do I Achieve Astral Projection?

There are several methods for achieving astral projection - and different ones are best suited to different people. The one I'm recommending today's a seven step method called the Monroe Technique and it's best mastered, step by step, over the course of a week or so.

But first, one of the main obstacles to achieving astral projection is fear, a fear that by letting go, one might somehow befall some dread harm. This is nonsense. The Canterbury Institute conducted an experiment involving over 2,000 people, over the course of three years, none of whom suffered any ill effects whatsoever as a result of their experiences.

So, now that all fear's been banished, how do we actually do it?

Well, we follow the steps below. Remember, there's no rush to achieve this. If you can get from point one to point seven in ten minutes then good luck to you but, for those not so gifted, it's probably best to tackle one step each day so that a week from now, with any luck, you should be astrally projecting with the best of them.

Step One. Relaxation.

Relaxation's the main key to Astral Projection. Without it, you're going to get nowhere fast. Fortunately, hard as it might seem in this modern world, relaxing doesn't take that much effort. It's just a question of going about things the right way.

Remove all jewellery. Darken the room so no light can be seen through your closed eyelids - but don't black out all light. Loosen your clothing but remain covered so you're slightly warmer than is normally comfortable. And don't forget to choose a time and place where there'll be no noise to disturb you.

Lie on a bed.

Relax. Tell yourself, in your head, that you'll remember all that happens during the session and that it'll be good for you. Concentrate on your breathing and you'll soon get into the right frame of mind.

Step Two. Entering a hypnagogic state.

Now that we're relaxed, we need to go into what's known as a hypnagogic state, the state where your body and mind are on the edge of sleep.

To do this, while you're lying down, look around for a handy object, one you can focus your gaze on without difficulty and without having to move your head or body. Still relaxed, watch it. Watch it for long enough so that when you close your eyes, you can still visualize it.

Step Three. Deepen the hypnagogic state

Now that we're in the hypnagogic state, we need to deepen it. With your eyes still closed, look around and see what you can "see" in that blackness.

After a while you'll notice light patterns.

Ignore them. They're simply neural discharges.

Once they stop, you'll know you're in a deeper state. At this point you should be too relaxed to be aware of your own body. You're now almost in a void in which your only source of stimulation is your own thoughts.

Step Four. The state of vibration.

Now we need to enter a state of vibration. This is the most important part of the process but perhaps the hardest to define.

The vibrations may be experienced as mild tingling or electricity. As you breathe, concentrate on the void before you. Imagine a large, flat, black square, about the same size as you, hovering horizontally just above you. Imagine it's humming with energy.

Now, imagine reaching up and placing your palms flat against its underside. Let them feel the square, let them move gently about its surface. Try to find the vibrations within it and bring them down into your body.

Step Five. Learn How to control the vibrations.

Now that you've found the vibrations, focus on them and the way they move through you. Focus on controlling them with your mind. Practice mentally pushing them from your head, down your body and into your toes, making them surge through you.

Practice this until you can induce these waves at will.

Step Six. Try a partial separation.

Now that you've begun to strengthen your mental control of the vibrations, it's time to try a partial separation.

Focus your mind on the act of leaving the physical body, starting with your astral hand. Try to separate it from your physical hand. Move it toward a nearby object such as a wall.

Now push the hand through that object.

When you've succeeded, return it to your physical body, slow the vibrations and end the session. Remain on your back until you're once more in a fully awakened state.

Step Seven. Total separation of spirit and body.

Now that you've achieved success with your hand, it's time for you to leave your body altogether.

Repeat the first six steps until you feel comfortable with them.

But, this time, instead of returning to the awakened state, continue, to disengage your astral self completely. Think about getting lighter and lighter, about how good it'd be to float upward. Keep this thought in mind no matter what and let no other thoughts interrupt it. An Out of Body Experience will occur naturally at this point. Think of floating upward, and you should find yourself floating above your body.

Congratulations, you're now an astral projector (or should that be projectionist?). Have fun and see what, once free of physical constraints, you can discover.