So, how do I Achieve Astral Projection?

There are several methods for achieving astral projection - and different ones are best suited to different people. The one I'm recommending today's a seven step method called the Monroe Technique and it's best mastered, step by step, over the course of a week or so.

But first, one of the main obstacles to achieving astral projection is fear, a fear that by letting go, one might somehow befall some dread harm. This is nonsense. The Canterbury Institute conducted an experiment involving over 2,000 people, over the course of three years, none of whom suffered any ill effects whatsoever as a result of their experiences.

So, now that all fear's been banished, how do we actually do it?

Well, we follow the steps below. Remember, there's no rush to achieve this. If you can get from point one to point seven in ten minutes then good luck to you but, for those not so gifted, it's probably best to tackle one step each day so that a week from now, with any luck, you should be astrally projecting with the best of them.